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I am SURESH RATTAN  SureshKualaLumpur2011

I am a scientist researching on the biology of ageing – Biogerontology.

BIOGERONTOLOGY is also a peer reviewed international journal, published by Springer Publishers, with me as its founder and Editor-in-Chief, since its inception in 2000.

You may have reached this site by choice or by chance; and if you want to know more about my educational background, academic achievements – degrees earned, and awards, honours and other symbols of success including publications, discoveries, ideas, and more – you are welcome to surf the relevant sections as given in the navigating buttons above.

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In my services, I offer the following:

1. unique and exciting lectures and workshops on health, ageing, longevity, at all levels of understanding – from school children to “lay-public” to journalists to scientific experts, and incorporating biology, psychology, sociology and more… (a list of my forthcoming and some recent past lectures can be seen by clicking here)

2.  consultancy to companies involved in researching and developing practical applications, including cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, nutriceuticals, hormetins; and

3. research supervision/guiding for BSc, MSc, PhD studies and beyond;

4. training for effective science communication (lecturing, writing research/review/popular articles) for scientists and public; &

5. granting your products the “Certificate of Authentication” as potential hormetins.



These are front covers of my children’s books in Punjabi, Hindi, English, Danish, Polish, so far (full description on the section on books)


Highlights of my ageing research career and ideas

Following are some of the major contributions, for which, I think, I can take some credit:

  • GERONTOGENES:  Coining the term “gerontogenes”  (1984) for any genes involved in ageing, and then modifying it to “virtual gerontogenes”  (1994) to indicate that real gerontogenes do not exist.
  • KINETIN:  Discovering the ageing modulatory effects of cytokinins, kinetin and zeatin on human skin fibroblasts (1986), which are now used in several skin care products worldwide.
  • BIOGERONTOLOGY:  introduced this term for my course on the biology of ageing (1995), and then used it for the journal “Biogerontology” (started in 2000), which since then has become a standard term to refer to the study of ageing at the biological level.
  • ESSENTIAL LIFESPAN: Coining the term “essential lifespan”  (1999) for the duration of life as “required” by evolution in assuring the survival of a species for the continuation of generations.
  • HORMESIS:  Applying and refining the concept of mild stress-induced hormesis in ageing research and interventions (1998).
  • HORMETINS AND HORMETICS:  Coining the terms “hormetins” (2005) for conditions that induce hormesis, and “hormetics” (2011) for the science and study of hormesis.
  • HOMEODYNAMIC SPACE:  Developing the concept of “homeodynamic space” (2002) as an indicator of the survival ability and buffering capacity of dynamic biological systems; and “shrinkage of the homeodynamic space” as the phenotype of ageing.



These are front covers of my scientific books on various aspects of ageing and hormesis (full description on the section on books)

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